The other night, when I went over to BJ and Jill’s house for dinner….we were talking about doing missions, etc.  And they mentioned something that someone had challenged them with that is so important to keep in perspective as people prepare to go overseas, or really to be used by God in general.  It was about not planting roots here in America.  It is so easy for us to become so entangled in our lives here and so deeply caught up in things that when opportunities arise for ministry, when God leads our lives in a different direction, it is much harder to leave and to pull out the roots that we have worked so hard to plant.

There were a few families from the Bible School that I really respected, because they had their lives going, owned homes, had good jobs, kids, involved in churches, friends, etc.  And, then they decided to do missions and completely left everything that they had going for them to study God’s Word for two years and become missionaries!  I was so encouraged by that.  But, it was also a reminder for me that I want to stay flexible and open to different opportunities that come up in my life.

Instead of being rooted in things that are temporal in this life, I desire to be rooted in truth- rooted in the Word of God and in my relationship with Him.  There will never be a need to pull out those roots.


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