Adjusting to Missouri!


So, I am in my second week living here in Missouri…..and I do have to say that Missouri as a state is far from my favorite.  I love Colorado, I love Nebraska, and I loved Wisconsin…..but Missouri is unlike any place I’ve ever lived before!  I am trying to look for the good in it though!  And, it’s not like I hate it, it’s just very different than what I am used to!

But, everyday I feel more and more connected with people here.  There are so many amazing people here, and I do feel really blessed be able to form relationships with people who are so focused on carrying the Gospel to the nations.  So, that is really cool.

This weekend was excellent because I was able to hang out with my friend Kristina again!  We met halfway in Osage Beach, and I hung out with her and her older sister…and we did a little shopping and some job hunting!  Things have been looking better in that area as well!

And….I have visited two churches in the area so far- I liked them both, but I think that I will visit a couple more and then decide.

Last night- my good friends from Bible School, BJ and Jill Sanders and their daughter Olivia had me over for dinner….and not only was it delicious (pot roast!) but it was so much fun, and very encouraging as well!

Tonight was super fun as well….went swimming for a bit in the lake, played soccer- which I haven’t done since being at NTBI and I missed it!  And then made cookies with Fran and Charity…two other girls who work in childcare.

God is faithful….and financially, with the job situation, my future plans, coming to school here….I am learning more everyday of just how to trust Him with those things.




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