Life in Missouri- Week 1


Hello Everyone!

Sorry this post has been so long in coming!  I wanted to get a bit settled in before blogging about my time here so far.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures to post yet….but I will get some up soon when the apartment is more set up. But here are a couple of some magnets that I made for my fridge.  I have a lot more pictures to hang up on there, but they are coming in the mail- so in the meantime, I made magnets for them!

So, traveling:  I left on Saturday morning, (almost a week ago) at 6:30am.  I definitely was a bit nervous about the trip as it was my first long trip by myself, traveling to a place that I had never been to.  So, it went well for the most part, although it took FOREVER!  And, I’m pretty sure that my GPS took me on a completely ridiculous route!  But, it was for sure an adventure.  I do have to admit though that I had to pull over once and have a good cry before going on!

Then, I moved in!!  I have an apartment by myself that is a one bedroom.  It has character for sure, but is nice as well.  It’s been fun to move my stuff in a settle in a bit.  (I will post pictures soon!)

On Wednesday we actually started childcare for the classes going on.   And, so far so good!  I am with the babies from 2 months to about 1 year.  So definitely a fun age.  We have 11 babies in there for us to watch during class- so it can get pretty crazy at times, but we are getting a good schedule figured out for them.

The town that MTC (the Missionary Training Center) is located in is Roach, Missouri- and then there are two towns close by: Camdenton (6 miles) and Osage Beach (20 miles or so).  So, I went job hunting the other day, and not very promising yet!  So, if you would be praying about that, that would be great!  I am hoping to find a job in Camdenton because it would be a lot closer, but who knows what I will find.

My friend Kristina (and roommate my first year at NTBI) came to visit me the other day!  It was really good to see her after all summer!  She lives only an hour away, so we should be able to hang out fairly often.

And, my parents, and Sarah and Jenny are all driving up to Waukesha today to drop Sarah off at Bible School!  I remember 2 years ago when that was me!

Anyways, life is changing a lot, but God isn’t.  I am thankful for that.  He remains the same.




2 thoughts on “Life in Missouri- Week 1

  1. Amber

    Sounds exciting Amy!! And 11 babies?!?! You are going to be staying busy!! =) Love you and hope you can get settled in quickly. I will be praying for you!

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