Last Adventures in Ogallala for the Summer


This week has been lovely.  I haven’t worked, so it’s been very relaxing, but I’ve also had a lot to get ready for leaving for Missouri TOMORROW MORNING!

So, here are a few photos with stories:

On Tuesday night we all played croquet outside- it was a beautiful night and a fun way to spend the evening.

Our kittens are precious. We were outside shucking corn, and they loved pouncing on it and basically just gettin in our way!

Corn on the cob is DELICIOUS!

This is at the Keith County Fair Combine Demolition Derby!

It was pretty fun to watch, but we got rained on!

On Thursday I helped my friend Emily at the Sweet Corn stand. It was fun, although I did get sunburned. People do love corn though!

On Thursday night, Sarah and Jenny found a rattlesnake in our yard while I was out to eat with my parents. The kittens were about to attack him, but thank goodness they did not get bit.

Here are his rattles!

My little sister Jenny gave me this as a going away's kind of an inside joke, but precious nonetheless!

So….it’s been a good week.  I have had time to look back on my summer, to count my blessings, and to look ahead and be excited for what is next.

I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow, but am very excited to begin a new chapter of life in Missouri!  And, I shall keep you all posted on that as well!





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