This morning, my little sister Jenny and I ran our first 5K in Brule, NE as a part of Brule days.  It was something that both of us had wanted to accomplish this year.  We both run fairly regularly, so we weren’t worried about training for this or anything.  I saw it in the paper earlier this week and thought…..hey- why don’t we run it!

It was really fun, and was kind of an icebreaker for both of us, because I think that we will both continue doing them….and hopefully longer runs!!

Jennifer did REALLY well and finished 2nd in the women’s division with a time of 25:21 and I got 4th in the women’s with a time of 27:05.  It was really fun though!  Something I am glad that we both did.

And…..one week from today- I am moving to Missouri!!! Craziness!

I had my last day of work yesterday and came home to a surprise going away party for me and my sister Sarah as we are both moving in the next couple of weeks.

Jenny planned this party for us, and her and our friend Pinky made these cakes for us!  So sweet!!! It was fun to have some of our friends over to celebrate.

Hope that everyone’s weekend is going well!




One thought on “5K….Check!

  1. Katherine Dutzmann

    Good work on the run! I’m so proud of you and Jenny for just doing it! I wish I was back there to run it with you girls. I would have come second to last!
    I am excited for your new adventure to come. I hope it is an amazing move for you. I’ll come visit :)

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