Here Comes the Sun!


Thursdays are lovely I must say.  It’s my day off of work, and I enjoy it immensely! It’s really nice to have a day to get things done, to relax, and to just regain sanity before going back to work again.

Today, I ran errands with my little sisters in the morning, got some things done around the house, worked on my tan…..did some reading- normally I listen to a sermon by David Platt on Thursdays- played my guitar, and talked with my brother David on the phone.  Then- this evening- Sarah and Jenny and I hung out and went running…and then I had a lovely chat with my dear roommate from New Tribes Kristina.  I miss that girl a lot….but she lives in Missouri!  So, we shall see eachother!

Last weekend- we were able to have our “sister reunion” before we are separated in four different states!  I did the driving up to Denver- which was good practice for my upcoming trek to Missouri.  And- on Friday…Mom and us girls did a bit of shopping before meeting Katie at Costco!  It was great to have the experience of the Costco foodcourt!  And, delicious too!  But, we did have a good weekend being able to spend some time together.  It was fun to be able to see where Katie and Nathan live, to experience what their life is like, etc.  I loved being able to go to church with them as well.  They go to Mission Hills Church- and it was pretty cool, because it’s a big church- and we happened to see a family that goes to our church in Ogallala there!  They were there visiting family just like us, so that was neat.  I am so grateful for my whole family, and definitely grateful for each of my sisters.  We are each different, but in some ways our personalities are so similar.  I am blessed to call each one of them my sisters, and dear friends.

Here are a few photos:


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