July 14th, 2011


This afternoon I was studying in Galations….going through some class notes and just reading through the book.  So encouraging!  Galations makes it so clear that is is simply about Christ.  He is all.

And, there have been several other passages of Scripture that have been really challenging, encouraging to me lately.  Colossians 3, Psalms 107, Numbers 23:19, and Isaiah 30:19-21.  This reminds me of being in Bible School with always so many verses and ideas on my mind.

Also- this afternoon- I listened to a sermon by David Platt on the Fatherhood of God.  So important to remember that we are children of God.  He desires the most and the best for us, and is not a reluctant God.

Again, in all of this- I am just reminded of the beautiful character of God.  He is so good. 

In other news- we have spent almost all the evenings this week outside since it has been so lovely!  One night- Jenny and I ran, while Mom and Dad and Sarah biked.  Then- last night, we all biked to A&W for root beer floats!  And tonight- Sarah biked while Jenny and I ran.  So, that’s been fun.  I love our running, biking and walking adventures here in Nebraska.  Way more hills than in Wisconsin…but very beautiful.

In other other news- my Mom, Sarah, Jenny and I are going to spend the weekend with Katie in Denver- so that will be a fun time.  I have not seen my dear sister since Christmas time, and have missed her terribly! So, we are all very excited to catch up with eachother.

Hopefully I will update about the weekend on Monday.

Remember the goodness of Christ.


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