Independence Day Festivities, etc.


It has been a full weekend…so I will just share the highlights:

Saturday night….we had- the EVENT!  Our dearest little sister Jenny planned an event for Sarah and I… we all went to the new pizza place in town to try out the pizza, and had a picnic in the park.  Then, we went to the fireworks stand, so each of us could spend our $1.00 limit on fireworks ( I bought a “climbing panda” firework).     :)     Then, we watched a movie and had a sleepover together.  It was great!

Then….yesterday- in preparation for me being a missionary (not really, just for fun!)…..Ryan took us on plane rides in his plane…a Cessna 175…since he recently got his pilot’s license.  So, that was pretty cool….I went up with Emily and Ryan, and we flew over to Emily’s house and back, which was maybe 15 to 20 minutes.  It was really beautiful, but my stomach didn’t take it too well!

And today….was Independence Day!!!!!  My second favorite holiday (besides Christmas!)

The freedom that we have in the States, I know that all too often I take for granted……..But I truly am grateful for all the privileges and opportunities that we can experience here.  We are so blessed.

And, even more of a blessing is the freedom that we have in Christ!  Free from the law of sin and death!  Free to live in Christ!




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