…Life is Insteresting


….Yes, I know. I spelled interesting wrong in my title.  I meant to- don’t worry.

Coming back to Ogallala this summer has been interesting.  To be perfectly and completely honest…I can’t say that it has been easy.  After being in Bible School, living away from my family for 2 years without being home for more than 3 weeks, always having tons of friends around and staying super busy with hanging out, classes, homework, work, sports, etc.  It has definitely been an adjustment to come back here and have life slow down SO much.

I feel as if I have changed so much, and then I came back to Ogallala- and everything here seems to be the same.  I know this is not true, but I’ve felt that way somewhat.

I have definitely been enjoying my time here with my family, friends from church, etc.  But, I am excited for yet again…the next step.

It’s been very discouraging to me that at times my attitude and perspective about being back here has not been the best.  I am frustrated with myself because I feel like….after graduating from Bible School- I should have my life a little more put together!  I feel like I have taken a step backwards in my growth…. I know that this is not true though…I have heard the example about a tree- that it really only shows outward growth during a small part of the year…and the rest of the time, it is growing, but the growth is not seen outwardly, because the tree is just becoming more rooted.  And, at times- this is how our growth in the Christian life can be…we may grow outwardly for a season, and then God may use times in our lives to ensure that we are really rooted in Him and in the truth.

I KNOW God is faithful.  He has a perfect record of faithfulness, and He’s not going to ruin that on me.

I know though, that God works in our lives in many different ways, and that this is definitely just part of the process.  I don’t want to merely get by this summer…waiting to move on.  But, I really do want to take advantage of opportunities here and ways that I can grow, be challenged, and be an encouragement to others.

When I was in Bible School…I was learning SO many things!  And, I was getting very overwhelmed by just all that I was trying to cram in my head and learn…so I know that I am definitely doing just a lot of processing, and that God is giving me opportunities to APPLY what I was constantly learning and studying!

Sorry if this doesn’t make a lot of sense…..Just my thoughts on life at present.

“Life is meant to bring a succession of discoveries of our need of Christ, and with every such discovery- the way is opened for a new inflow of the supply.”                                  ~Green Letters, Miles J. Stanford



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