This weekend was truly lovely.  Yesterday was such a relaxing day after a long week of work and just busyness with VBS.  VBS turned out really good this week though.  It was really fun to help out, and definitely neat to see how much the kids enjoyed it.  Hopefully things that were learned will really stick with them- and that they truly understood and took the lessons to heart.

But, after this week- we just needed some quality relax time….so we had a chill day yesterday filled with just fun things.  We went running in the morning, cleaned the church, garage saled, went to the lake, and had our 2nd Annual Camp Nite!

For Camp Nite- we set up our tent….had a fire pit and cooked baked beans, hot dogs and s’mores, sat around the fire and talked- and played our 2nd annual game with bubblegum.  It’s a game where we pass around a bag of  bubblegum and have to answer questions according to whatever color we choose.  So, we all ended up having about 25 pieces of gum…but it was really fun!  Good bonding time!


“He knows everything about you and has the skill necessary to conceptualize the best possible plan not only for the entire world, but for your life.”                     ~ Linda Dillow




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