Look Back…Look Forward!


On this day:

3 years ago: I had just gotten back from my missions trip to Mexico- and was getting ready to do a week of counseling at camp Maranatha.

2 years ago: It was day 26 on my trip to Papua New Guinea- I had 9 days left.  Here is a prayer that I wrote in my journal:

“Father, I pray that in these last 9 days here in PNG, that I would truly focus my heart and mind on you.  God, I know that there is so much for me to learn here still and I pray that my heart would be open and ready for that.  Lord, I pray that you would show me clearly how I can use the things that I’ve learned here back at home.  Help me God, as I go back to my family, friends and church- to be able to clearly communicate what you’re doing in my life- what you are teaching me, and my passion for you and for missions.  God, I love you and I thank you that I can be here in PNG.”

1 year ago: I was beginning my first week of counseling at Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je for middleschool camp.  I had 7 girls in my cabin- and it was one of my favorite weeks of camp last summer.  It was really a great experience to be at camp last summer.

And today:  I worked all day at the hardware store….came home and made homemade pizza’s with my sisters!

And….this fall:  I have been thinking and praying a lot about what to do this fall since I am done at Bible School and not planning to go to MTC as a student immediately.  And- after some time, and talking with my family and stuff about it- I decided that this fall I’m going to go to MTC (the Missionary Training Center in Missouri)  to help out in childcare.  I am really excited about it, and I think that it will be a good opportunity to be around awesome people- to serve the families who are attending school so that the moms can be in class- and to just take some time out of school myself to really process things that I learned in Bible School, etc.

So, it will be exciting I think- I am looking forward to it!

God is so faithful- and SO GOOD!  I hate it when I forget that.


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