Today was my first day back at the hardware store.  And…..it was a truly valuable day.  Just kidding!  But, it was kind of a funny day to start working again after not working there for 2 years.  I was a little nervous about going back, because I thought that I probably would have forgotten like everything.  And….that was sort of true!  But, it was good, because a lot of it did seem to come back to me.  There are only 3 of the same co-workers that I had when I worked there in highschool….and then- everyone else is different.

But, hopefully it will be a good job for the summer and I can brush up some more on my “hardware skills”!  But really….I’m just there for moral support for the customer….I don’t really know much about hardware, paint, plumbing, etc.   Mostly, the customer just needs you to stand there and nod at the appropriate times..and use phrases such as, “yeah, that sounds like a good idea”, “we sell a lot of that kind, so that should be good.”  etc.



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