On a Budget!


Last year, I took a Financial Peace class as an elective at NTBI.  And, I really did like a lot of what Dave Ramsey said…but most of it, I couldn’t implement at the time because pretty much all of my income went to my school bill.  So, this summer, I decided that I really wanted to develop a good budget for myself as I go back to work at True Value.  I want to start using the envelope system, and just having more of a plan as to where all of my money is going.  I have always tended to be more of a saver than a spender, but still- I think that it will be good to write out on paper everything that I am spending my money on.

So, I will let you know how things progress, but I’m actually really excited about being so organized in my finances!


3 thoughts on “On a Budget!

  1. Katherine Dutzmann

    Haha, Amy, I love you and your responsibleness. I do, I love it! You are an inspiration to me. I never saved my money at your age, it slipped through my sticky fingers! Nathan and I wrote out a budget the other day because naughty little Katie needs a budget, ha!

  2. Amy — I’m curious. How did the budget thing work out? I didn’t see any follow-up posts on the subject. I think it is a great idea to get started on, even if it seems like a piddly exercise without much money to work with.

    • missAmy

      I am sorry that I never actually did follow up on the budget post! Thanks for the reminder! It has been going well, but sometimes I get discouraged, thinking that it’s not really worth it. But, o well! I’ll keep trying it!

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