Home Again!


Today was my first full day back in Nebraska!  Yesterday we finished traveling home from Wisconsin after staying overnight in Des Moines.  We went to church at Community Bible Church in Omaha- where our pastor’s brother is the pastor, and we heard my friend Amber sing in her choir before heading to Germany for a missions trip.  Then, we were able to meet up with Carl for lunch, which was really good to see him as well.

It does feel good to be home.  I’m not starting work again until next week- so this will be a nice week of rest and relaxation.  Today I got all moved into the guest bedroom at our house!  It’s good so that I can feel settled in for the summer.

And…..today Sarah and Jenny and I got our kittens!  We got them from a family at our church whose cat had 7 kittens!  So, we took 3 of them….and I named mine Kirbster- Sarah named hers Kennedy, and Jenny named hers Florence.  They are super cute….I’ll have to post some pictures of them soon!


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