May 21st


On May 21st 2009- I began my journey to Papua New Guinea to spend 5 weeks being exposed to tribal missions with New Tribes Mission.

On May 21st 2011- I graduated from New Tribes Bible Institute…half way through training with NTM and then being on my way overseas!

I find it interesting that the date for those 2 occasions was the same.  But, it is a great reminder to me of what God has done in my life over the past 2 years and how He has been so faithful and so good to me!

Having my family come up for my graduation was really special.  It was fun to have a graduation ceremony that my parents could attend, since in being homeschooled, I just sort of “finished school”.  It was also great for my family to meet a lot of my friends and classmates.  I can’t believe that my 2 years at Bible School are over!  Craziness!  I still don’t think that it’s completely hit me yet— although it was really hard to say goodbye yesterday.  But, it definitely feels good to be back at home with my family…..In the words of Harold Holeman, now that I’m back in Nebraska, I’m back in the “promised land.”        :)

“…..The end of a matter is better than it’s beginning….”                            ~Ecclesiastes 7:8

God has good things in store!


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