So interesting how the Lord teaches us.  I was talking with one of my co-workers about this the other day, with my boss- and also my dean here at school.  It seems so backwards to the world the ways in which God chooses to grow us.  It is not necessarily in the good times or the times that everything in our lives seems put together, or well planned.  But, more often than not- it is the times that we are broken, the times we are at the end of ourselves, the times we’ve failed, when we’re hurt, and when we don’t have a plan that God can really teach us.

In thinking about my future after graduation- I sometimes feel like a loser that I don’t exactly have a solid plan for what I’m doing next fall.  But, in thinking about it and talking with others….I’ve gained the perspective (that is still hard to keep in mind!), that if I had everything figured out and knew exactly what I was going to be doing, etc.  what reason would I have to trust God?  Not knowing I think is really growing me, because my trust and reliance has to be on God and on His plan for my life!  It is scary, but I know that the Lord is teaching me through this!

And- another thing that my dean told me yesterday is…”life is 10% your circumstances and 90% your attitude about those circumstances”.   And, I thought that was really good- cause it’s definitely true that the way we react to things and stuff is so much more important than what is actually happening.  And- I definitely want to keep that in mind for the next year.

Sorry if this doesn’t all make really good sense- but just a couple things that I’ve been encouraged with.


P.S.  My family will be HERE IN WISCONSIN tomorrow!!!!  Pray that they would have a safe trip!


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