Today was the LAST DAY!  The last day of classes- finished up 2 years of Bible School.  It’s been such a good two years, and I feel so blessed and privileged to be here and to have learned all that I have!  And- just the people that I’ve been with for these two years have been amazing!  All of the relationships that I have formed and made have been SO good and so encouraging.  It’s awesome how much God teaches you through other people.  I will definitely miss people here a LOT!  So funny to think that I came here 2 years ago not knowing how to pronounce “Waukesha”, not knowing anyone here, never having been to Wisconsin, etc.  And just how God has used it in my life, and how now I feel so connected and encouraged!

It’s been good- but really just the beginning!  I feel like now that I am finally ready to begin studying the Bible!  I am very excited to move on and go to the next thing- God is so faithful and so good to lead and direct our lives!

And- SAD… was my last day of work at the lovely Allo! Chocolat  I loved that job and it was such a great place to work!  I will miss everyone there a lot!

So, tomorrow and Thursday we have work days here at school….and Friday- MY FAMILY IS COMING! I’m so excited!

Here are a couple of photos from the weekend:

I think it’s going to be a good rest of the week.  Last night my work had a going away party for me…which was so nice and fun!  We all went out for pizza, and it was so good!  And then, a few of us back at school just talked forever about our last 2 years, relationships, etc.  And it was so encouraging!

God is so good….always faithful and always true!


One thought on “Finishing….

  1. claire

    Excited for you, but I must say, this post almost made me cry. I’m so glad it’s been such a good 2 years for you. As you shared earlier this year – “Because God is good”. Amen to that!!!!! love you, momxxx

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