Spring Break!


Right now…and for the next week- I am on Spring Break from school!  It is a really late break for us, because when we start up school again, we will only have 2 weeks left until graduation.  But, it’s good.  I decided not to go anywhere for spring break, so it feels really weird to be here at school without classes or homework- but it’s good.  I’m just going to be working and stuff.  And, I’m praying that they weather actually will be spring-ish!  It is still pretty cold here, and windy today!

And, tomorrow is Easter!  I was working all this week, and this weekend, I had been telling the customers “Happy Easter” as they left.  And, it just made me sort of sad, knowing that- I know what Easter means, but most of these people who are celebrating Easter by buying hundreds of dollars worth of chocolate bunnies have no idea what Easter truly means.  It really is such a beautiful holiday to celebrate the fact that Jesus did not only die….but rose from the grave!!! So often, we can stop at the cross, and we forget to remember the fact that He is risen- and that we do not serve a God that is dead…but is very much alive!


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