Senior Banquet


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while- but the internet here has been really weird, and I haven’t been on it hardly at all!

Over the weekend- on Saturday night- we had our Senior Banquet here at school.  Just a time when our whole class gets together, dresses up, eats a nice meal, shares our future plans and things that we have learned in the past two years, etc.  So, that was really fun.  They set up the dining hall really nice and then prepared a Caribbean themed dinner for us.  Before we ate- we all were in one of the classrooms and were going to go around and share what we had in mind for after we graduated and then something that we were impacted with in the past two years.  But- without telling any of the staff….we as a class decided to switch our “testimonies” with eachother, so that we would have to keep things short.  So- that turned out to be really funny…and then at the end, we had lots of time to have “open sharing” time.  So, that was super encouraging to hear everyone talk about things that they’ve learned here.  It really did hit home though a bit more that our time here is nearly over!  Bittersweet definitely.

Today we started 2 new classes- Ecclesiology (the study of the church), and 1 and 2 Thessalonians.  So- those will be good.  Spring break starts on Friday!!! I am very ready for a break- but really, after spring break, we only have about 2 weeks left here….and then my family will be here!  That will be really exciting!

So, that’s about all my news….and I hurt my ankle playing soccer tonight…that is sad.  So, I have ice on it right now, and hopefully it will be better in the morning.


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