Happy Summertime!


Here’s a list of 25 things I LOVE about Summer:

  1. 4th of July!  I love having our big BBQ for the 4th of July….playing volleyball and watching fireworks!  I missed this last year, so I’m really looking forward to it this summer!
  2. Going to the lake and playing sand volleyball!

    This is a picture of Sarah and I at the lake 2 years ago...

  3. Eating food from the garden- fresh fruits and veggies!
  4. Getting TAN and having my hair get lighter!
  5. Playing tennis, soccer, ultimate frisbee, bocce ball, croquet, volleyball….
  6. Potlucks!
  7. The cool mornings….perfect for walking or running.
  8. Beautiful sunsets!
  9. Drinking lemonade!
  10. Camping!
  11. Having fires outside and staying up late talking.
  12. The feeling of being busy, but yet relaxed during the summer
  13. The fair!  A classic summertime happening!

    This is me and my friend Emily at the fair 2 years ago...we went to watch the tractor demolition derby.

  14. Thunderstorms!
  15. Hanging laundry outside to dry.
  16. Laying on the trampoline and looking at the stars.

I just LOVE summertime, and definitely feel very ready for lots of warm weather coming up!  But, I do love all the seasons and there are different things about each one that I enjoy.

P.S. I know it’s only 16….sorry I can’t count too well!


2 thoughts on “Happy Summertime!

  1. claire

    Did you forget the opportunity to mow the lawn, how about whacking golf balls, pulling weeds could be fun…………….Looking forward to summer and having you here. love you, momxxx

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