“If we seek fulfillment in Him, we shall find it.” -John Piper, Desiring God


“Only God can meet our personal needs for significance and love…..”

Today was an absolutely beautiful day here in Wisconsin…finally!  It was like 80 degrees, and SO SUNSHINY! My roommate and I were able to get up early and go running outside this morning, and seriously such a blessing!  I went outside to read and just enjoy the fresh air, and it was so nice!

I have been reading back in my journal from last year a lot, and have been really encouraged by some of the things that God has taught me in the past year.  He is so faithful!  And, it’s neat that I not only see that within the pages of Scripture, or in history, or in the lives of others….but I see it in my life!  He has been so good, and has worked on my heart so much!  One of my favorite quotes is something that one of my teachers said once:

“He’s changing my heart, and that’s the greatest miracle of all!”                                 ~Jason Weaver

God really is teaching me a lot, and right now- as I am making decisions for what to do in the next year coming up, I’m realizing that it’s truly something that I am really going to have to trust the Lord for….because right now, I’m not totally sure about everything.  But, I know that God totally has a plan and is in control of all things.  I am excited for the adventure of learning more everyday to trust Him!


2 thoughts on ““If we seek fulfillment in Him, we shall find it.” -John Piper, Desiring God

  1. Katherine Dutzmann

    I really like the John Piper quote! I’m praying for you and all the decisions you have ahead of you to make.
    It is really cool to see how God is working in our lives! Since keeping journals the last few years, I have written out the questions of the big unkowns in my life and it is cool to keep track of the path God takes to answer them. It will be fun to see the path God takes you on your life adventure!
    Love you!

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