TRIBAL CUP Spring 2011- Coming Up!


Hello Everyone!

Tribal Cup this weekend……Jackson Vs. Waukesha!  It will be a really fun event.  Tomorrow night, we are having worship, hang out time, and a fun game of dodgeball.  Then….Saturday morning, we start things off with ping-pong.  Then basketball (girls and guys), then volleyball (girls, guys, and co-ed), then soccer (girls and guys)…..and I think that guys football is in there somewhere (indoor).  I am playing basketball, soccer, and volleyball.  It will be fun to play since there is a true reason to be competitive.  And, I just love the adrenaline from sports and stuff when things are intense.  For soccer, they rented a place in Milwaukee to play.  It’s an indoor field- with turf, and oval shaped, like a hockey rink, so that will be really cool to play on!

So….I will let you know how it all turns out!


One thought on “TRIBAL CUP Spring 2011- Coming Up!

  1. claire

    Hope it’s a very enjoyable and successfully victorious weekend for you!!! And, why oh why aren’t you entered in ping pong???? We’ve been having fun with the ping pong set on the dining room table. love you, momxxx

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