“God does not hurry in the development of our Christian life.  He will take His time in making us into the people He wants us to be.”

God is teaching me a lot right now…..And to be honest, it’s not that growth that feels really good, like you’re making progress, but rather, that growth that is frustrating and hard.  In the Green Letters book that we do a Biblestudy on here at school- there is a chapter on “Time” that has been really encouraging to me lately, and here are a few things from it:

If we learn anything of our own inability, we are growing.

Any experience which makes us more aware of our need for God must contribute to our spiritual progress.

Failure teaches us what we cannot do in a of ourselves- it shows us when we don’t have our eyes on Christ.  Failure is a good thing, when we learn from it.

So- there are a few of my thoughts on life right now.  Hope that you are all having a beautiful day!  No matter what happens, or what the circumstances are…God is good, and He is faithful.


2 thoughts on “Time

  1. claire

    I have been challenged by some of the thoughts in the “Green Letters” book. They’ve helped me put a few things in perspective and also encouraged me in realizing that the “hard learning” type of things are good because it gives us assurance that God is at work – especially when we’re crying out to Him and realizing how very much we need Him. love you, momxxx

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