Hey Everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I have been SO BUSY!

The first two blocks, we had hardly any homework, and then heading into our third block, they just kind of hit us with a bunch!  And- we are practicing a lot for tribal cup next weekend (I’m playing soccer, basketball, and volleyball, so I have practice 3 nights a week for that), and I’ve been working a lot, etc.

So- not a ton new is happening…..I had a good weekend, lots of homework, but I did go to Milwaukee with my friends for a while on Saturday, which was really fun.

And- Saturday night…..I went to my first movie theater other than Prairie Theater in Ogallala.  Seriously I have never been to another theater….but Kelsey, her friend Carly from California who came to visit and I all went with 4 of our guy friends to go see Tangled.  It was kind of ridiculous because it was an animated movie, and I HATE animation….but it was fun.

And- yesterday…..I GAVE MY SPEECH!  I am in an Oral Communications class right now and have to do an 8-10 min.  speech twice….so I got the first one done with.  I keep the same subject, but just try to improve for next time.  I was really nervous and I wish that I would have done better, but o well.  What’s done is done.  I spoke on “Growing up in a big family”.

And…..today was a busy day too…..but SO NICE OUTSIDE!  It was like 60 or so, so I brought out the flip-flops and took a walk this afternoon, and it was absolutely lovely!

And, tonight we had Perspectives.  It was really good.  Always learning so much here, such a blessing.  God has a plan for the world, and He wants us to be apart!  Let’s not forget the unreached and unengaged peoples of the world!


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