Current Events:


So- now that we are into the 3rd block of classes here for this semester…..ALMOST HALFWAY THROUGH…..we have a class on Oral Communications.  And, I have to give an 8-10 minute speech twice, and I have to write it by Friday.  So….pray for me, cause I’m a little nervous, and I wanna pick a good topic!

Also, my roommate Kelsey and I were hanging out on Saturday night…..we went to get coffee, and then, in the parking lot, she taught me how to drive a stick shift!  It was really complicated!  I told Kelsey that I have a lot more respect for her now, just knowing all the stuff that she does while driving!  But, it was fun and definitely an adventure!

Anywho- that’s all my stories for the day!


One thought on “Current Events:

  1. Jenny

    Amy, may I please notify your friend Kelsey that she probably should not be driving with you because of that little incident that happened last summer? (Replay: “AMY BRAKE! BRAKE!) :)
    Just kidding, I love you so much!
    Jenny gal

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