Hello Everyone!

This week has been such a good one so far!

On Sunday night- Kelsey, Anneke, and I went to pick up our friend Kristina from the airport (she went home to Missouri for the weekend, and it was just cheaper for her to fly).  So, we wanted to go early and pick her up just so we could hang out at the airport- cause we love to people watch and stuff.  So, we made signs and stuff and went like 3 hours early!  It was so fun though, cause we just hung out, took pictures, talked to random people, greeted people coming in from all the flights.  And, we went down to the baggage claim once, like pretending that we’d been on the flight and were looking for our bags.  We were being silly- but it really was just a fun night for us to hang out and stuff.

And, I really do love airports and just watching people and how they react, interact, etc.  Very insteresting I must say!

(Kevin, Jenny, and Sarah– that was for you!)

And- it really is getting nice out…..and it makes me ever so happy!

Like- the snow is not sticking around as much- daylight savings is in 2 weeks!- I am wearing a coat less and less often….so it’s great!

So yeah….that’s really all I have to say for tonight!




2 thoughts on “SpRIng IS CoMInG!

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