I Think Snow Makes Me Sick


I hate being sick.  Especially because I always get on my soap box and rant and rave about how “being sick” is just a mental thing…and how people just give into being sick.  But, then I get sick and my theory kinda goes out the window!

Yesterday I woke up and just did not feel good…..I think it’s cause it started snowing again yesterday.  Saturday was a beautiful day…..the snow was almost all melted, we could see grass, and the sun was shining…..Now it’s back to normal unfortunately.  But, daylight savings is coming up really soon….in like 3 weeks I think, and that will make things a lot better.

Anywho….that’s about all that I have to say since my brain isn’t really working too well.


3 thoughts on “I Think Snow Makes Me Sick

  1. claire

    snow=sick Hmmm……….may be another theory that doesn’t hold up – let’s hope so anyway considering the fact that you live and plan to stay in WI for awhile. Hope you’re feeling better very soon. love, momxxx

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