Fancy, the Cat Sweater


So….Here’s the story:

Kristina, Molly, and Kelsey found a sweater with a cat on it in the free pile here at school:

So….Kelsey wore it on Sunday night.  Then, Kristina wore it on Tuesday, I wore it today, and Molly is going to wear it tomorrow.

It’s not the most beautiful shirt I’ve ever seen, so we just thought we’d pass it around amongst ourselves and wear it for fun.  (wearing it today was lovely….)

But… sort of snowballed into something that we want everyone to participate in, and we now have the shirt booked until like almost the end of March for people wearing it!  So….someone will wear it and then just pass it on to the next person.  And, we’re hoping that it gets worn everyday until the end of the semester.

One of our classmates Mom actually made the shirt….then it was given to another classmate for Christmas, and she put it in the free pile.  So, now we are getting much joy from it!

It’s very silly…..but fun.  I don’t know why I glean so much enjoyment from stuff like this…..


4 thoughts on “Fancy, the Cat Sweater

  1. Jenny

    Amy–I hate to say it, but this would be considered a homeschool-geek-shirt. Does that bother you? :) No, I really like it. It’s something I would wear…….(for pajamas!)
    Love you and how clever you and your friends are!!!

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