It’s Happy…because God is good!


Hi Everyone,

This morning during our chapel session here at school, we just had a time of worship.  Before it started, my friend leading the worship told us how she had called her grandmother on her birthday to talk with her and wish her a happy birthday.  Her grandma was really sick, so my friend said to her grandma, “I want to tell you happy birthday Grandma, but you’re sick, so it’s not very happy.”  And she replied, “no, it’s happy because God is good.

And, this was just a really good reminder for me that no matter what happens, what you’re going through that may be hard, or stressful…’s happy because God is good.  We can hope in the fact that He is using all things in our lives to refine us and mold us closer into His image.

“Count it all joy, my brothers…..”                               James 1:2



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