So- I’ve always had a fascination with personalities (differences, similarities, etc.) and just the way people are- how they react to things, show excitement, their emotions, etc.  And, I’ve just been thinking a lot lately about how God created us so uniquely.  That sounds really generic and cliche, and I’m not very good at explaining what I mean, but I think that is is so amazing how God made us each so different. And, just amazing that each of us has the opportunity to worship, serve, and glorify God in a way that no one else on the planet can. My life is completely unique, never happened before, never to happen again….and what I am going to do with that?

A couple of weeks ago at the Green Letters Bible study that I go to on Thursday nights, we were talking about how our personalities have been poisoned by sin.  God created us all well and made us to glorify Himself….but so often, we do just the opposite.  I know that in my life, I can totally tell that things that God put in my personality to be good things are often the areas that I struggle with so much.  The things that could be my greatest strengths are often my greatest weaknesses.

Thank goodness that the Lord is working on my heart and mind to shape and mold it into what He desires!  He is so faithful to refine us!

I am so far from where I wanna be, but looking back, I can see so many areas that God has just worked on and changed me in.  Last summer when I was working at camp was huge!  I learned so much humility and patience through that (two things that definitely don’t come naturally to me).  Something that I am continually being reminded of is just how, I have NOTHING to offer anyone simply in and of myself.  I am nothing apart from Christ.

“Apart from Christ- we are sinners, but we are inseparably bound to Christ and not to see ourselves apart from Him….We are IN CHRIST!”                                                                            ~The Green Letters Study

” Show me the beauty of a life laid down…..”                                                   ~Jars of clay “No Greater Love”

…..God gave us such an incredible opportunity- Life.



2 thoughts on “People.

  1. I always think how different people are too, but then I realize how boring it would be if everyone were alike. Another perfect example that God’s plan is different for all of us and He blesses us all in the same yet different areas of our lives.

  2. claire

    Another good post Amy. What you said about strengths and weaknesses in our lives is so true. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten out the Bill Gothard book and looked at the chart in there where he compares the weaknesses in our lives to what those things could and should be if we allowed them to be used as the strengths. Those weaknesses we struggle with have some very positive strengths that I’m sure are what God intends for our lives – so I do believe He is molding, shaping, refining us to discover those strengths that can be used in positive ways in our lives and for Him.

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