Packers Vs. Stealers


Today was the Superbowl….and although I don’t care too much for football and feel mostly indifferent towards the teams….I do live in Wisconsin and so I rooted for the Packers.  We went over to Molly’s house to watch the game and hang-out…so it was really fun.  Her Mom had lots of snacks and stuff, and there were others there who didn’t care about the game, so that was good.

Me and my roommate Kelsey had lots of team spirit:

But yeah….it’s been a good weekend, very calm and relaxing.  This week we are ending our first block and starting up with 3 classes again….but it’ll be good, cause I still don’t totally feel like I’m all the way back into a routine with just 2 classes going on.

I hope that everyone had a great day!


One thought on “Packers Vs. Stealers

  1. Jenny

    How can you say that you guys had team spirit? Where’s the packers hats, the cheese, the “GO PACKERS” T-shirts, the sweatshirts, or the Packers sweatpants? Amy, I just don’t think you’ve quite got team spirit!

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