February 3rd 2011


Hello Everyone,

I just first want to thank everyone who read this blog and cares what’s going on in my life even if it’s silly stuff.  I’m always encouraged to keep writing cause I know that you are reading!  So thanks!

And yeah- the last couple of days have been nice…I haven’t worked, and the weather’s been bad..so I’ve just been doing a lot of catch up stuff, and a lot of playing volleyball and stuff, which is fun.  Although…today I’ve had an off day…..it’s been good, I don’t know, I just have been in a weird mood, and I don’t like it.   But, o well, I think that we all have those days, and I know that I am just in need of some really good alone time with God.

Also….I just wanted to share with everyone a blog that my beautiful baby sister Jenny wrote on her blog…..In the past year, she began struggling with anorexia, but recently has really began to heal from that and to get back on track.  So, she wrote about it on her blog and you can read the whole story here

God has been so good to her and to our whole family.  Have a beautiful day everyone!



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