Well, I guess I do live in WISCONSIN!


Hey There Everyone…..It is truly and completely and utterly and plainly and simply COLD HERE!! It is a blizzard, officially……school is canceled for tomorrow (not New Tribes…but public school) which is very rare, so you know it’s bad.  I did go to work today…but felt really bad and was very thankful for the GREAT friends who braved the weather to take me there and back…..

It was really slow….I think that we maybe had like 11 customers all day, but it was fine cause there was a lot to catch up on like in just getting ready for Valentines Day.

Then, tonight Kristina, Kelsey and I spent like over 2 hours over in the gym…first playing soccer with our Korean friend from Brazil- Tim Kim, and then Kristina and I practiced for basketball for Tribal Cup, and then we all just worked out some…..

It was good though.

Yeah, so that’s pretty much about it for today…maybe I should try and take some pictures tomorrow once we get even MORE snow……: (

Good night!


3 thoughts on “Well, I guess I do live in WISCONSIN!

  1. Sarah

    You are playing basketball???? Since when did this happen?
    By the way, thanks so much for the chat last night. I am really glad we had it. :)

  2. claire

    Let’s see – we are now in February – that means we’re that much closer to spring. I’m dreaming of some spring digging……………..love you, momxxx

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