Weekend Adventures:


Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted the last few days….been busy!

I can’t believe today is the last day of January….Craziness!

I had a good weekend though…..On Friday night, Kristina, Kelsey and I went over to the Morrison’s house (a staff family here at school) and we invited another married couple to come and hang out with us…so we ended up having a lot of fun just hanging out with them and their kids.

And, on Saturday, I was able to relax some, but also get some done, so that was good.  And, I had my work Christmas party on Saturday night also.  We went over to my bosses’s house and they made us chili, and we did a gift exchange, so that was really fun.

And Sunday was good.  I love Sundays.  Didn’t do too much, but then last night Kristina, Kelsey, Molly, and I ended up watching “To Save a Life”  it was a good movie….and definitely a bit thought provoking.

So yeah, that’s about all.



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