Hi Everyone!

Today was a lovely day…..started classes, and only 2!  So, it was nice to have from 11:30 this morning to 6:00 this evening to just kind of do whatever.  I worked out with some of my friends, played volleyball….and then tonight….I went to Perspectives!

It is an elective class that I am taking that is a 15 week course on missions and takes a look at it from 4 different lenses basically…Biblically, Historically, Culturally, and Strategically.  And- it’s a really neat program because speakers come in from all over the world to talk about different aspects of missions and to challenge the hearts of those of us in the class about what God’s  heart for the world is.  So, I think it’s going to be really neat.

Tonight we heard from John Zumwalt and he basically just shared God’s heart for missions in the Bible that is seen NOT just in the New Testament, and NOT just in the Great Commission….but rather going all the way back to creation, and God’s command to Adam (Gen. 1:28), and God’s commission for Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3).  God’s plan for the world is that ALL nations will be blessed!  And that blessing is a relationship with God, being in fellowship with Him.  (Galatians 3:8)

“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”     ~Hab. 2:14

We are to be the light of the world….not light simply lighting the lightness, but rather, light in the darkness!  Jesus was the greatest missionary of all….coming from Heaven to a completely different culture and living as one of us in order to redeem us!

God’s plans and purposes are perfect and beautiful.

I have been learning a lot about this lately, that God has given me a LOT.  I have clothes, a place to live, family, friends, my possessions, a future, etc.  But, all of this I need to hold with an open hand, knowing that none of it is truly mine, and just surrendering all that I have for His plan, which is much better than my own.  God desires so much more for us than simply settling in here, living life, and being comfortable.  He desires that we have life, and have it abundantly!  (Jn. 10:10)  He also desires that we live a life of complete abandon to Him, experiencing the grace that He has provided for us, and making known His glory among the earth!

Anyways, sorry if this was a bit of rambling, but I am really excited about what I am learning and the ways in which the Lord is teaching my heart.  Thanks for reading, and just as a sidenote, if you ever want to comment, that’s great and I will reply to them if you have anything to share or add along with what is written here.  Thanks!




4 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. claire

    I am behind the times here. There were 3 posts I hadn’t read yet. I thought the last 2 were very good – challenging and encouraging. I’ve been thinking this week about what I want my life to look like – you hit many desires I have in what you said in the blogs – knowing it’s in His plan, in His time, to be abandoned……….Good thoughts, good prayers.

    Hope you enjoy your own room for this semester. Have a great day. love you, momxxx

    • missAmy

      Ahhh, thanks Mom- I’m trying to be faithful about blogging, and the more I do it, the more I want to….so I’ll try and keep it up!
      Have you started reading Green Letters at all?

      • claire

        Yes, I have started GREEN LETTERS. I’ve only done the first 2 chapters, but I like what I’m reading. I make myself finish the SS chapter first which takes a few mornings and then I read GL. Hope you have a good day. love you, momxxx

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