Hello There Everyone!

Sorry that I didn’t post over the weekend…..stayed kind of busy, and I really just had no inspiration.

I went back to work yesterday at Allo! Chocolat and it was good to go back….I felt more productive than I have been feeling.  We still have one more day of orientation, and then we are starting classes tomorrow!!!  Being in my senior semester, I only have 2 classes starting off in the first block…just to sort of ease back into classes.  So, that will be nice.  I think though, that I need to dedicate my 3 hour that I won’t be in class to reading, so that way I don’t just end up wasting time.

I am really excited about the year ahead of me….not just for classes, but for graduating, and for everything beyond that.  God is so faithful, and I know that He is in control.

Last night, Kelsey and I rearranged our room….here is my part of it (sorry the pictures aren’t the best)

So that’s that.  We had two rooms together…one a bedroom and one a study room, and like we love being roommates, and we’re friends, and we hang out all the time, but we just wanted to switch it up, so now we both have our own rooms!


2 thoughts on “Rearranged!

  1. Sarah

    Amy! I just want to say that you have been so good at keeping us up-dated on everything! Keep up the good work! :) That seems funny that you have your own room now. Do you like it? I love you and want to talk to you soon!

    • missAmy

      Thanks Sarah Bear, I’m trying to be good about it…..
      It is funny that I have my own room…but both of us really like it so far….it’s working out.
      I wanna talk soon too!

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