God’s Got This….


Today we had a speaker, Keith Copley during our orientation here at school from Papua New Guinea- he and his family are doing a tribal church plant there in the Hewa tribe in the Sepik region of PNG.  So, they were here sharing about that, and all that God is doing there.  It was amazing to hear the stories and to be encouraged and challenged by what he had to say.  Definitely got me even more excited for moving forward with ministry with New Tribes.

His wife also shared a bit and challenged me in that “the grass isn’t greener on the mission field”.  Like, sometimes I get so excited to just get there that I don’t completely focus on now.  She was just encouraging us all to be completely wrapped up in God and to continue to get to know His character.

Here is a really cool video about missions:

And, Keith also shared some from John 14, when Jesus says, “Do not let your hearts be troubled, trust in God, trust also in me”    And- then He was talking about some of his fears when he first went into missions and stuff….fears about money, future, and who he would marry.  And, to be honest, those are definitely things that I have thought a lot about and at times haven’t always felt as peaceful as I would want to about them.  But, he definitely was just challenging us with the fact that, you know what?  God’s got this.  God has it all under control and everything is in His plan and in His timing.  So, in thinking about things in my life that really cause me to worry or stress or whatever, I just need to completely leave it in His hands and not worry about it!  God knows what He’s doing.  Be encouraged.




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