Traveling Stories:



I just got back to Wisconsin this evening, and happy to report that it was MUCH colder in Nebraska than here!  (I am dreading the rest of the winter weather!)

But, it seems like it’s been a really LONG day.  We left this morning at about 8:00am to drive to Denver- we stopped at my brother’s house to pick up something and so that I could see their new home, so that was really good.  Then, I ate lunch with my family, and they dropped me off at the airport.  I absolutely HATE saying goodbyes, so that was a big bummer.

I went in the airport, checked in, etc. and then went to my gate…..and I just am glancing around and I look and see one of my previous classmates from here at NTBI!  It was crazy cause she was just getting onto a connecting flight cause she had come from Montana and was flying to Madison (I was flying to Milwaukee, so we weren’t on the same flight).  But, we had a great visit for about an hour, and it was really neat to be able to see her and catch up!  It was really encouraging.

Then… flight was actually pretty boring, but we had service from “Flight Attendant of the Year!”  …..her name was Gloria.  And truly, good service I must say!                     :)

Then, it’s been a great evening being back here.  My friend Molly picked me up and then basically she, Kristina, and I have just been hanging out, then I kind of unpacked a bit, and now I really should go to bed!  But, it does feel really good to be back!

This is just a picture we took on the way up...not very good, but the best one!

Anyways, that’s all!


6 thoughts on “Traveling Stories:

  1. Jenny

    I miss you so much already! That’s great that you met up with a classmate–kind of weird that you did–but great! I love you and I’ll email you later!

    Check out my blog

  2. I love when your not near a town you know many people and spot and old friend and have the time to catch up a little. Glad your paths crossed again to keep your wait at the airport not quite as long.

  3. claire

    Those “good-byes” are never much fun. I’m glad you had a good afternoon catching up with a friend from the past. And, now, I imagine you’re just fine with being back in Waukesha surrounded by a great group of friends. Thanks again for all your encouragement, your listening ear, the laughter, etc. love you, momxxx

    • missAmy

      Ahh, Mom I love you….I hate that I always get teary at goodbyes, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.
      Yeah, it’s great to be back….really happy to see everyone!

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