A Happy Surprise!


So, last night, there we all were…..eating our homemade pizza dinner for New Year’s Eve night….and lo and behold, my brother Kevin and sister Jenny started walking into the room and everyone started to sing Happy Birthday….to me!

I wasn’t even thinking about my birthday at all, I totally thought that I had just missed someone else’s…..but they surprised me and made me a cake!

The other night, we were sitting around watching our old home videos, and it was one that was taken on my fourth birthday, and my mom had made me a snowman cake and I was SO excited about it!

So, Sarah, Jenny, and Kevin got up real early yesterday morning and made me a snowman cake!


It was truly lovely….and I was able to blow out all the candles!

Anywho- that’s my story.


One thought on “A Happy Surprise!

  1. claire

    Blowing out all the candles on the first try had to be a highlight. That was a fun little surprise to participate in. love you, momxxx

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