I just tried a wonderful new food last night…..grits!  A few of us were bored here at school and needed to go out and get some stuff for breakfast this morning, so we went to our new Super Wal-Mart here in Waukesha and just looked around for a couple of hours….and we got some grits to make.  So, we got back to school and I made them and then we just had brown sugar on top (the guys also put butter and syrup on).  But, they were really good!  I would definitely eat them again!

Then, this morning I made french toast and eggs for a few of us and so we ate together……It’s actually been kind of nice to just eat my own food.  Even just making a few small things has been really fun.

One of my friends, Amber, was also here over break, and she and I had a lot more time to hang out then usual, so that’s been really great to spend some extra time with her!  We’ve had fun cooking, and talking, went running, etc.  But, today is the last day of break!  I’m going to hang out with Molly and Rachel this afternoon, so that should be a lot of fun, as it always is.

My new favorite Pandora station is Christmas!!! So happy!  The other night, we were all playing volleyball, and I turned the Christmas radio station on while we were playing, it was funny….not sure that everyone liked it!



One thought on “Grits!

  1. claire

    I guess this is the first time I’ve checked your blog over the break. I’m glad the break was o.k. for you and that you found things to keep you busy. Cooking some meals for yourself and others had to be fun. We’re now on the countdown to Dec. 20 – we actually went to Denver on that date a year ago also for Katie and Nathan’s engagement celebration. Have a great week. Love you, momxxx

    P.S. The way the wind is blowing today, it would seem we could blow out to WI.

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