Today was such an efficient day for me! I did a lot of cleaning and organizing in my dorm room, since there’s no one else here, it was nice to have room to spread out and clean stuff up.  Also, I did some cooking, because I planned a potluck for the people left here at school.  I just made brownies and ham and cheese pockets for that.  It was fun, everyone just brought something and we ate together, it was really fun.

Our Potluck!

So, it’s actually been a really good break….makes me more and more ready to go home, but I have gotten a lot of resting done, and just been recharged.  I did a lot of scrapbooking- there is a page on the left that is called “Online Scrapbook” where I just put photos of all the pages of my scrapbook if you want to look at it!

And yeah. it’s been really good. It’s so quiet here at school, but it’s kind of nice!  Anywho, that’s about all that I know!



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