Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am just here in Wisconsin, one of like 15 students left here, but O well.  A lot of us went over to the Barth’s house today (one of our teachers, who graciously opened their home for us to come over and spend Thanksgiving).  We had a great Thanksgiving meal, and just talked with eachother and stuff.  It was fun, although today is one of those days when you just wanna be with your family, you know?

I am thankful for a whole lot this year though….and I do find that being able to just take a day and reflect on that is cool…..Here are a few of the things that I am really thankful for:

  • My family- each and every one of them mean so much to me, and I love them so much!  The relationships that I have with all of them are so special to me.  And, I am especially thankful for the way that my parents raised us.
  • I am really thankful for my job, for my bosses, and for each one of my co-workers, who make it such a great job!
  • I’m thankful for all of my teachers, who so diligently teach us the Word of God, and encourage us with their Godly lives also.
  • I’m thankful for all my roommates and just for the relationships that I have with each of them.
  • I’m thankful for all my good friends here at school and the encouragement that they are to me.
  • I’m thankful for each of my classmates and how they are all studying God’s Word here.
  • I’m thankful for being able to go home for Christmas break in less than a month!

These are just a few things that I am really thankful for in my life, although much more could be listed!  God is so good and faithful to provide, and not just in things that are needed, but in abundance!  I am thankful for the essentials; food, water, clothes, a place to live, etc., but God has provided so much more!!  It’s awesome!

Anyways, I hope that you have all had a great Thanksgiving, and have taken time to just be thankful to those around you, but mostly to God!



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