A Lesson From Jonah…


In many ways, we’re all like Jonah.  God desires to use each one of us, and many times, we don’t want to do the things that He wants us to.

I took an elective class on the book of Jonah recently, and the biggest thing that I was encouraged with was just how God works so personally and individually with us!  Jonah was stubborn and obstinate about the job that God wanted Him to do (go to Ninevah and preach to them), and it just struck me that God could have easily chosen someone else to do the job, someone who was willing and ready to go, but God still chose to use Jonah.  The mission was eventually accomplished, and the people of Ninevah repented and turned back to the Lord, but God also grew Jonah a lot through the whole experience.

I was just amazed at seeing God’s grace in that.  God not only cares about the good of a nation (Ninevah), but also the good of His servant Jonah, and bringing him to the place where he could be used of God.

So, this was something really encouraging for me.  And, also I can totally look back on my life and see situations where God has taken me through something, or put me in a circumstance that was specifically for my growth- and that is just fantastic, because God really cares about the person that He wants me to be!  I am His child, and He is continuing daily to work on my heart and to shape my life ever closer into the image of Christ!

Be encouraged!


One thought on “A Lesson From Jonah…

  1. Jenny

    Remember when you read us the story of Jonah that one night and we all laughed about it for like 10 minutes? That was strange…..but very funny….

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