On this rainy day!


Hi There everyone!  We’ve had a rainy day in Wisconsin today…..thinking maybe it will turn into snow, but hoping not!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks!  Sometimes I feel like I’m just waiting for this “perfect” time to sit down and blog, but it never really comes….so I’ll just do it now!

It’s been a good 2 weeks though!  I went to MTC (the New Tribes Mission Missionary Training Center in Missouri) this past weekend with my friends Kristina and Kelsey.  It was a fun trip down there with them, and also really good to go and see the school there.  I stayed with Charity (my RA from last year), so that was really fun.  We got to catch up a lot, and also we sat in on a class there and I was able to get a feel for the school and what it would be like, so that was neat. 

      And, this week has been good….started some new classes: Jonah, 2 Corinithians, Missions in Church History, and Hebrews.  They are all really good so far.  Although I was sad to say goodbye to our Romans class- which I had become quite attached to after 9 weeks of it!

I am definitely getting ready to see my family again!  Missing them a lot lately!  I get to go home on December 20th!  Rachel’s wedding is on the 18th of December, and I am in that, so that is also something exciting to look forward to!

Anywho, that’s about all my news for now.  Thanks for reading!

All for Him,



One thought on “On this rainy day!

  1. claire

    Always fun to see a new post on here. I haven’t even talked to you much about MTC – maybe it’ll be my turn to talk on your walk to work. We’re excited to see you also. Have a good day.

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