Tuesday October 12th-


October 12th!  Such a good sounding day!  That’s actually something that I wrote in my journal this morning.  It just does sound like a good day.  It was SO pretty outside today…..Sarah and Ryan are coming tomorrow night!  I am SO excited for them to come!  We’re going to have so much fun!

It’ll be really great to have Sarah come and be able to see my life here and stuff.

I had a good weekend.  We went to Jackson MI to play sports with our sister school.  We lost every sport we played including girl’s soccer :(       But, the guys did win football.

It was really fun though.  We had a good trip driving up and stuff.  And, the weather was SO wonderful!  I got sunburned even!

Anywho, I will have to post my exciting adventures with Sarah and Ryan……

Good night!



One thought on “Tuesday October 12th-

  1. Sarah

    Amy I love you and guess what?? I will see you tonight!!!

    By the way I like the picture of us, I only wish I was wearing my sun glasses….. :)

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