Hi Everyone!

Today was a good day.  This morning I went to church and the sermon was on Galatians…talking about the fact that the gospel is about Christ alone and how nothing should be added to it.  It was really good.

This afternoon though, Molly and Rachel and I were able to hang out.  We went to Caribou Coffee and spent time there talking.  I got some spiced chai, and this was the cup they gave me and it made me really happy!

And them, we went to David’s Bridal to try on our bridesmaid’s dresses for Rachel’s wedding.  We picked those up and then went to Goodwill.

After dinner tonight, I just went outside and played the guitar for a bit, and it was SO good!  Just beautiful outside with the trees and leaves and stuff…..and the crispness in the air.  It was just great!  God is so gracious to provide us with those moments where we are just at peace with Him and are just able to see His beautiful character in the world around us.



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