Events of the Day:


Hi There!

I have a few adventures to tell about just to keep you all in the loop…..

Last night after work, I was just totally in the mood for hanging out with God, and no one else!  So, I got off work, walked home….got some food from the cafeteria, went running…took a shower, and then spent the rest of the night in my room just listening to music, praying, reading my Bible, looking at notes and stuff, and I made a collage:

So, that was really good…..I did all that and went to bed before 10:00pm!  It felt so good.  It was just Amy-recharge-time!

Then, this morning- Kristina, Kelsey and I went on our annual Krispie-Cream adventure!  And….it was awesome cause we ordered our doughnuts, and went to pay for them, and the guy in front of us had paid for ours… that was really cool!  And, they were delicious!

Then, tonight I had to work from 4-10…it was fun cause it was the anniversary of Carrie and Roger owning the store for 4 years….so we had a celebration of sorts…ate cake and burritos… was great!  And, it was pretty busy tonight, so that was good.

(Right now I am listening to the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack…and although I don’t really like the movie….I love the music!)

So, it’s been a good weekend so far…..And, that’s about all that I have to say for now!

All for Him!



One thought on “Events of the Day:

  1. Sarah

    Amy! I just want to say that I like this new blog format way better than your old one. I love you and can’t wait to see you in like 10 days!!!!

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