Back at NTBI!


Hi There everyone! This is Amy again, and hopefully I am going to stop being a delinquent and actually write on this blog! Anywho, just for a quick update on my life:

The rest of camp this summer was really good! I can totally see that God taught me a lot through it and was faithful to be teaching me all the way through!  And, I enjoyed it a lot!  Definitely a good way to spend my summer!

After camp was over, I went home to hang out with my family for a few days before heading back to Wisconsin.  That was really nice to see them again, we definitely just had a relaxing time and it was great be able to go to church while I was back also.

Okay, so then on August 11th I flew back to Wisconsin to start Leadership Training since I am going to be an RA this year at school.  So, we had a week and a half of Leadership Training which included doing sessions on our identity in Christ, personal vibrancy, ministry, etc.  And also workshops to talk about what being an RA all entails.  We also spent time cleaning the school, in prayer, and took a 4 day camping trip to Devil’s Lake.

Kristina, Me, Molly, and Rachel

It was definitely a really good time of learning, bonding with the Leadership team, and just feeling more prepared for being an RA.  And, it’s also just been so fun to reconnect with my friends here.  We had a ton of catching up to do after everything this summer!  And, the cool thing is that God taught a lot of us really similar things, so we can really relate to eachother.

This is a lot of the girls on the Leadership Team when we all went out for dinner on Thursday night.

I’ve loved coming back and being able to play volleyball and soccer also, we’ve had a lot of good games in the last 2 weeks!  I’ve missed school a lot!  I think that I will be starting up work again next week at Allo! Chocolat which will be really good too!

Anywho, that’s just a quick update for you, and I will post more as time goes on!


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