Friday-Why Birdhouses are a Detriment to Society


Dear Friends,

Today’s blog is about why Birdhouses are a Detriment to Society, and let me tell you why.

Please take for your consideration, Birdie, a fairly plump bird who always seemed to have one too many bird seeds for supper.


Birdie was one day, flying through the air thinking about food, when he came across a house.

Bird House

Birdie, being the curious sorta fellow, flew to the house and began to anxiously look at it.   “What could it be?” he asked himself excitedly. “Perhaps there’s food inside!”

But as I said, Birdie was quite a plump bird. But, Birdie managed to squeeze through the hole into the house and finally discovered what was in it! “FOOD!” He ate and ate until there was hardly any more of the delicious food left…and then…he noticed it was all gone and he had to leave. But Birdie, being plump, couldn’t leave because of how fat he was.

And so, my friends, this is what happens when people put birdhouses in their back yards. Birdie is only one example; surely there are more.



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