Monday-If I was a lumberjack I would…


Hello readers!

I thought I would start this blog by asking you, “What is a lumberjack?”  And so, I drew the dictionary from the shelf and began to search for the word, “Lumberjack.”

Lumberjack– A person who works at lumbering; logger

And so the question, “what would I do if I were a lumberjack?” came to my mind. And so I ask you this, is a lumberjack meerly a person who chops trees down. There are many things you can do in the lumber industry. You can hall lumber around in cars, planes, boats, etc. You can actually cut the lumber yourself….or you could probably be a buisness man and deal with computers and scientific junk for the buisness.

But if I were a lumberjack I would positively want to be the one cutting down the trees. Because when I think of lumberjack, I think of a person chopping down a tree. And that, my dear friends, is my opinion….



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